Simon Jay is ‘up to the hips’ in LGBT Theatre at Edinburgh Fringe

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We interviewed Simon Jay about his latest show Is He A Bit Simon Jay? and we fell a little bit in love with him – so here’s his round up of LGBT shows at Ed Fringe 2013….

As a writer/performer/man about town, I love going to The Edinburgh Fringe, and 2013 is my third year at the beast. Every time I go I seek out the LGBTQIA+ shows; to do so one has to comb the telephone directory size Fringe Programme for those glorious letters, or just be a little Miss Marple about things, if the show is called ‘My big gay experience of gayness’ you can be hazard a guess it’s not about Pope Benedict… well usually. If only there was a self-contained guide for all the LGBT shows, at the fringe… ho hum, hint, hint, well here’s a run-down of what I saw during my week there…


The Counting House – Ballroom, 10.15pm. Laughing Horse Free Fringe.  dustylimits.com @Dustylimits


An excellent consummate entertainer; a funny, charismatic and and original cabaret act, that would be a role model to any LGBT youth. Dusty, elucidates us with great presence (and braces), on the subject of mental health, his own diagnoses of separation anxiety, but how on the whole society makes us mad. His songs are beautifully written with compositions by Michael Raulston. The songs covering a diverse range of subjects such as Serial Killers, One’s extended family, Men who have Sex with Men (dubbed by Dusty as ‘a denial state’) and ‘let the aged die’ an ironic view of right-wing governance. Dusty Limits has such a refreshing attitude, with his immaculate suit, eyeshadow and extended lashes, I wish he could do a touring version for schools.

Watch my interview with Dusty here


The White Horse, 6pm Laughing Horse Free Fringe. Free – just turn up kevindewsbury.com


Northern working man’s stand-up but genuinely gay, with wonderful observation’s and reality heart-wrenching material about how he came out to his wife at the age of 29! He even discussed his psychotic breakdown pre his coming-out. Not something you’d expect from something billed as ‘stand-up’, his songs are inspired, his asides sublime and all this wrapped up in a plethora of cock-jokes.

Watch my interview with Kevin here


The Counting House – Lounge, 6.15.  Free Fringe – just turn up seekingtheexit.com


Peter Michael Marino’s one-man show is a confession, a tragic yet honest account of a production of his Jukebox musical he wrote. The songs of Blondie set to the plot of the Madonna film Desperately Seeking Susan. He chronicles every step of the way noting every critical failure, every miscommunication between UK and US and Blondie’s rather non-plussed reaction to the final product. If you’ve ever wanted to know how impossibly difficult it is to work on a musical, this show is utterly perfect for you.


Assembly – George In The Square 7.50pm. £15


Talented, funny and sensual boylesque from the Brisbane based group. A fusion of dance, drag, humour, surrealism, vaudeville and trapeze.  Some of them I must say are incredibly beautiful, like Captain Kid (pictured), in the punchbowl with his trapeze. The Maralyn Monroe/Death Becomes Her lip-syncing balloon popping sequence was reminiscent of David Lynch. Some hilarious audience participation, including having half-chewed banana thrown at you, and you can even win a raffle to drink Sambuca off one of their bellies, all rather classy. The costume and dog show sequences were particular highlights. I left feeling like a groupie – oh how I want to be more like them.


Fiddler’s Elbow – Upstairs,   2pm.  PBH Free Fringe – just turn up facebook.com/openwidetour @openwidetour


A refreshing take on attitudes toward homophobia and taboo created by performance artist Ashley Edwards and actor Douglas Brown, with a succinct and original way of interweaving music, projection and audience interaction. The viewing is sometimes painful, witnessing verbatim recreations of homophobic attacks and state torture. But ‘Ash and Doug’ in character as themselves often give this troubling subject matter a lightness of touch, with some funny and relieving moments, the ‘taboo’ force-feeding of a banana vs doughnut is a lot of fun for instance. You will leave feeling richer for the experience.

Watch my interview with them here

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